SHARGAN is committed to ensure that Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) requirements are continuously promoted & implemented in the company and form an integral part of SHARGAN culture.

The main HSE objectives promoted by SHARGAN are :

1. The identification, mitigation and prevention of any health, safety or risks for all human resources involved in SHARGAN’ activities.
2. The preservation of the environment in SHARGAN engineering and operation activities.
3. The development of an effective awareness on HSE matters in SHARGAN thanks to communication, continuous dialog and feedback from the company's resources.
4. The implementation of a fit for purpose training program for SHARGAN resources involved in HSE engineering or performing onshore or offshore operation assistance activities.

In order to meet the objectives of this policy, SHARGAN has developed and is continuously upgrading its HSE Management System, in conformity with the highest standards, such that:

- The occupational health, safety and environmental management objectives are achieved and adapted.

- The health, safety and security of all resources working for SHARGAN is guaranteed.
- Safety & environmental requirements are implemented from the start in all design and engineering performed by SHARGAN.
The HSE Manager is appointed by the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer to develop, maintain, control and disseminate SHARGAN HSE Management System.

Each Project Manager is responsible for its correct implementation by the Project team, throughout the performance of the work. In turn, all employees are responsible to implement HSE requirements within their own work and to make every effort in order to prevent injury and risks to themselves and to others.

All conditions considered to have an adverse effect on quality of health, safety, or environment shall be reported in SHARGAN HSE system, analyzed and corrected systematically.