Shargan Services

Shargan's broad range of capabilities stem from the extensive and specialized expertise of its personnel. At Shargan, the available capabilities and expertise are combined for achievement of total quality, efficiency and excellence in performance.

Techno-economic feasibility reports and detailed project reports

Shargan's project planning group has recognized competence for services on preparation of techno- economic feasibility report, detailed project report, etc., for grass-roots projects as well as revamping of existing plants, staffed by experts in design, engineering, plant operation and commissioning, backed with extensive data bank, multidisciplinary support and computer aided operations approach.


Each project is handled by our experienced project engineers. The work is with our engineers and designers to give the best to our clients. These engineers make sure that the project is delivered in accordance with safety standards, on time and to budget.


Shargan Project Management discipline has trained manpower resources and established capability, backed up by necessary project management information systems. The project execution module is geared up for coordinating of complete design, engineering and procurement, inspection and expediting, workshop management, construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning by means of a control system involving time, cost and quality.


Shargan's process group has proven expertise in process development of basic design package and other process engineering function. It is backed up by the latest computer software programmer for process engineering calculation and process optimization. Equipment and processes are designed in main office by our experienced process and design engineers using both licensed software as well as our proprietary systems. Our extensive knowledge of various processes ensures that SHARGAN can supply cost-effective solutions for highly complex problems.


Based on design package, detailed engineering designs and documents are developed through deployment of process, civil, mechanical, and electrical and instrumentation engineers for arriving at quantities and specification for ordering towards construction of a viable facility which is smoothly and efficiently operated and maintained.


Pre-order and post–order function under procurement activities are planned, d and monitored through a computer software developed in-office. The Procurement Group in SHARGAN comprises experts, drawn from various disciplines, backed up by a data bank that covers most of the reputed v ors and fabricators in Iran and abroad.
At SHARGAN, fabricators are ed to suit project requirements. Our contractors are ed on the basis of their quality of fabrication, knowledge of specifications and codes and the ability to deliver on time.


Local inspection establishment provides the required feedback when necessary. The services available include Third Party Inspection, Statutory Inspection under prevailing International regulations.


Shargan has capability for supervision of Construction/Erection based on basic design package and detailed engineering activities.


Shargan has a reputation for its in-depth and dedicated approach on commissioning activities which start after mechanical completion. In fact, during the design stage, SHARGAN commissioning experts review design, process control, and interlock and safety system to ensure smooth commissioning of the operation. All care is taken to prepare operating manuals for quick and efficient start-up operations and delineating safe shut-down processes, maintaining the highest order of safety for men and machines.


Revamping/retrofitting of existing plants may be d due to one or more of the reasons via: technical problems of the process and/or equipment, augmentation of capacity, reduction in energy consumption, inherent design defects, operational problems, etc. By virtue of the expertise, developed through long association with internationally reputed licensers/contractors, SHARGAN is fully geared to undertake such assignments particularly in oil, gas, petrochemical and chemical sectors. The assignments cover such activities as the study of the existing plant operation, identification of areas requiring revamp/retrofit, framing up suitable native schemes, ion of the most economical and suitable revamping scheme by maximum utilization of existing equipment, design, engineering and construction.


Shargan has the capability to undertake energy audit assignments in oil, petrochemical and chemical plants. The section-wise -to- approach normally covers energy balance, evaluation of rating and existing consumptions against norms. The recomm ation model is usually based on cost benefit criteria for optimized scheme.


Shargan offers services in renovating instrumentation or retrofitting with modern instrumentation system for higher productivity, safety and energy conservation in the existing plant. Assignments have been d for conversion from pneumatic systems to DCS systems.


Shargan's professional architects provide services for preparation of master plans, sector plans, and architectural design of industrial and residential buildings.
Shargan engineers provide services for complete engineering water system including ion of the source of water, design and detail engineering of intake structures, treatment plants, pump houses, storage including overhead towers and ground systems for process and potable water as well as collection, treatment and disposal system for effluents.


For effluents from the fertilizer industry and various chemical industry, the treatment model may be custom-oriented or a result of our experience.


Cathodic protection is a method in which the metal to be protected is made a cathode in an electro-chemical cell. The surrounding soil in the specially developed cell is the anode. SHARGAN has proven expertise to provide cathodic protection system designs for underground piping, tanks, etc.